Uber Rock comes to metal central - Belfast

If you have never heard of Uber Rock, it is a great source for rock and metal that has been on the go since about 2009 and based out of Wales and run by Gaz Tidey & Johnny Hayward.

And on their 7th birthday due to changes in life they were going to announce its closure. But in rode the cavalry like Sabaton's Winged Hussars to save the day.

Mark and Carolyn Ashby, well known rock journalists from mighty Belfast, Northern Ireland have picked up the baton. And they have just celebrated their first anniversary of marriage. And my goodness their marriage last year was something very special indeed! But that's another story altogether.

Mark is a music journalist with almost 30 years experience writing about rock and heavy metal in particular. He has worked for most of the top music publications and currently syndicates to a number of respected music websites, including Belfast Music, Culture Northern Ireland, Planet Mosh (Ireland Editor) and Uber Rock, as well as a number of newspapers and magazines.

Carolyn is a journalist for Planet Mosh and a photographer under The Dark Queen.

The two also present Paradise City Sunday Brunch on Belfast Underground Radio.

With Uber Rock transferred now to two very experienced journalists it can only go from strength to strength.

Congratulations Mark and Carolyn!! All Hail Rock and Roll. \m/

Full statement from Gaz and Jonny

Full statement from Mark and Carolyn

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