A sleeve full of Black Aces

As once again I was touring YouTube I came across Black Aces.

Hard rock rhythm blues, if that's even a genre - I always find it difficult to properly label it. Maybe Hard rock blues?  Anyway, Like AC/DC, Airbourne, Rhino Bucket and others of this ilk Black Aces do a damn fine job of rocking out.

They have released their debut album Shot In The Dark though they have also released an earlier EP Hellbound

This is the first one I watched "Girl Like You". It has that beautiful sleazy groovy blues rock riffage synonymous with AC/DC. Their other songs just pound out that blistering hard rock and roll blues that just makes you want to stomp your foot and bang your head.

You may notice the top picture is their European tour which is currently happening. Unfortunately they don't seem to be landing on our shores. But would love the opportunity to go and see these hard rocking lads.

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