Rhino Bucket beat you to death like a dog

Sometimes you can dander into a room and your ears immediately prick up because a song so familiar yet so different is on. This happened when I dandered in on some of my IT friends. I thought I hadn't heard this Bon Scott song before. What's going on? Is this a really old AC/DC song? 

It soon became clear that it was neither AC/DC nor Bon which left me in a vague state of confusion  (not a difficult thing to do to be honest) until it was pointed out that the album playing was from Rhino Bucket (yes, that's what the band is called). I was smitten as this is the type of hard rock blues that love so much. And Georg Dolivo, the lead singer, is within a hair's breadth of sounding exactly like Bon Scott. 

Rhino Bucket, from Los Angeles was formed in 1988 by Georg Dolivo (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Reeve Downes (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Greg Fields (lead guitar, backing vocals). 

Interestingly, one of their tracks, "Ride With Yourself", was featured in the hit movie and multi platinum soundtrack Wayne's World. And in 1993, drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio) joined the band and appeared on the 1994 album Pain. 

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