About me

Around April 2015 a very good friend, Jonny, a long time metal and rock journalist who runs Belfast Metalheads Reunited told me to get up of my arse and go to a gig. I had been a bit of a miserable s**t  for a couple of years (life changes that sort of stuff) and so with his encouragement and with the erstwhile aid of the man mountain that is Simon I opened the door again on rock and roll.

Whilst I love my gaming (yes, i started with Fighting Fantasy in the early 80s and progressed to Roleplaying games, tabletop wargames, boardgames, card games and computer gaming.) and am part of Wee Gamers, there was something else really that I needed to do. Be sociable again.

And so my Odyssey began anew on rediscovering metal and indulging in rocking out.

Overall, this is a journey. A journey to find inner happiness, metal and geeky things that interest me. I have found i have a very eclectic taste so not everything will be just music or gigs on this blog. But hopefully it will also be some sort of a diary. From a seed planets by my long time friend Andrew.

I have started this blog thing in 2016 but will be trawling photos and memories to make it as complete as possible from my first gig, in April 2015, on through this journey. 

You may find it interesting, or useful, or even not at all. But I'm determined to enjoy the journey in rediscovering rock, metal, gigging, and gaming.

Jonny sometimes makes me write stuff for him at Belfast Metalheads Reunited

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