Kontrust don't want a Punk Song

Messing around on YouTube, as you do, I found myself watching, with mouth agape, a song from a band called Kontrust (They are on Napalm Records).

Kontrust are a bizarre crossover band from Austria, with a stunning Polish lead singer. The band is famous for wearing lederhosen and their lyrics are predominantly in English, though German and Slavic languages have also been incorporated into some songs.

They have won a number of awards including Austrian Newcomer Award, Amadeus Austrian Music Award (category Hard & Heavy).

The song I came across on YouTube is on the Napalm Records channel and was "Hey DJ" from their Second Hand Wonderland album.

It is a completely left field song with catchy rhythm and heavy rocking out. Its definitely rock, beautifully portrayed in a playful manner in pure Austrian Eurotrash style. Mesmerising, incomprehensible and kaleidoscopic all at the same time. But works so well. And of course, this just led me into the spider's web of all the other videos they have up.

Get some popcorn sit back and just enjoy.

You can find more about Kontrust at their Website, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube 

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